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Here at DASH, we envision a future where China would be playing a leading global role in all aspects of people’s lives, including business, politics, and culture. Thus, for those whose dreams include a life on the global stage as a business professional, a government official, an international lawyer, or simply a citizen of the world, we would like to stress the critical competitive advantage gained by learning to speak Chinese, a language spoken by over 1.5 billion people worldwide. This is not just our personal view; people worldwide are actively learning Chinese. Did you know that over 250,000 foreigners are in China right now to learn Chinese? These students, together with countless millions worldwide learning Chinese, have the courage to share one dream: to be part of a future where their ability to speak Chinese makes them an invaluable member of society.

Learning Chinese is not as hard as you may think. Unfortunately, many schools and learning centers give students the impression that Chinese is a difficult language to learn because they themselves lack expertise and experience in teaching students to become a near-native speaker of Chinese.

DASH is one of the very few learning centers in Manila, Philippines dedicated to teaching Mandarin Chinese. Here at DASH, students are completely immersed in a Chinese-language environment, which allows them to learn Chinese not only through classes but also through osmosis. Our specially formulated teaching system is proven to be effective in quickly and thoroughly teaching students the Chinese language. In contrast to the popular belief that the Chinese language is too complex to learn, our view is that the Chinese language consists of a straightforward set of speaking and reading rules, which makes it simple and truly elegant. This is how DASH makes learning Chinese easy, fun, and…most of all…rewarding!

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